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Ceylon Express Magazine

The Ceylon Express is a monthly Newspaper based in Toronto Canada. Our Newspaper targets a very high caliber, viz professionals, corporate executives, diplomats, students, academics and almost all Sri Lankan and Asian counterparts living in Canada.

Ceylon Express neither associated with nor funded by any political party or movement, the paper will remain independent and would be an active forum of expression for a diversity of views. It is a journal of opinion – It will state its own opinion on the questions of the day and on all issues, which interest its readers. Ceylon Express; a monthly newspaper read widely by the Sri Lankan Diaspora in almost every province in Canada and is rapidly making inroads to other corners of the world. According to the latest available statistics, around 150,000 Sri Lankans read our paper and the number is increasing.

Ceylon Express have re-launched our web edition and planning to upgrade it as a site which could be more helpful and resourceful for you. Please visit to see the new look and how easier it is to read our regular content. Last but not least, we welcome any comments or advise you may have regarding