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Graphic Design

Your Company Face and Visual Presentation…

graphicdesignGraphic design, which evokes the symmetria of Vituvius, the dynamic symmetry of Hambidge, the asymmetry of Mondrian; which is good gestalt, generated by intuition or by a system of coordinates, is not good design if it does not communicate.

It is genuinely an art or profession of visual communication that combines images words and ideas to convey information to an audience. And at Setup Lanka Pvt. Ltd, Graphic Designing is about contemplating time and space and becoming more content and engaged with the subject concerned. It involves focusing our attention in gentle spaciousness and filling the moment with abundant thought. It’s about magnetizing the riches of artful awareness. For us, mere impressive work is not the target, but it must have a vision generated through the thoughts of brand/company that corporate with us.

Graphic design is something that drives advertising and attracts us to a brand. That is why it is said Graphic design is so important to our everyday life. If we observe the environment around us, graphic design is present everywhere. It depends on us how we get inspired by it and re-create a new thought process keeping he goal in mind.

It gives your Company a face and Visual Presentation. That just by looking at it, one can have a feeling and mental positioning in mind about the product or service. As the global market shrinks with the ever growing reach of technology the need for that eye catching graphic becomes more and more valuable to a business. Human psychology says, that colorful and meaningful presentation attracts human mind and stimulates the buying behavior.

Effective Graphic design fuels a person to reach for the product or feel drawn to it. And if the design is not attractive at all it conveys the message immediately that the product might be inferior and might be of no use.

A strong corporate identity largely depends on Graphic design. It can also convey that the company is far bigger than it actually is. You can instill a sense of trust in your target audience. If a company looks professional, your potential customers are more likely to trust that you can deliver. A strong and creative brand will make sure that your clients remember you. A large percentage of people remember what they see far well than what they hear or read. This can be only done only through Visual Avenue.

Visual Avenue involves Shapes, Lines, Color, Type and Texture. Setup Lanka Pvt. Ltd. with its years of experience has realized that a meaningful combination of shapes, lines, color type and texture is not enough for the success of brand identity.

But it involves sheer vision for it, accompanied with logical purpose and timely circulation of it in the market. As industry expert says, It is of no use to create a magnificent brand identity, if it reaches poorly to the target customer, and it is at least of some importance, if an average design reaches the market, because the market is flooded with buyers, we lack at supply.

We believe that designs are always good if it has a reason and a vision. Sometime designs are rejected and sometime accepted, it’s all in the surge of the market.