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seoSEO is an abbreviation of the word Search Engine Optimization which means preparing website for the search engine. The SEO process is a very important part of the e-marketing processes, because one of the most important factors for success of any website in the world is preparing it for the search engine.

So, the SEO is considered a stand alone world; as SEO is Relating to search engine, and algorithms of search engine are so complicated. Even the experts Just predicate and they do not have any authoritative information about search engine. The word SEO means friendship between website and search engine, the friendship of search Engine has rules and basics that any body can prepare his website for it. In order to reach the top of results, you should prepare your website for search engine via using methods of SEO science, choosing appropriate words, and preparing the pages of your website in accordance with the search engine rules. Another way to make SEO for your website is via google AdWords. It is used in paid advertising campaigns to popularize your website.

There are mainly two types of SEO

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Some unprofessional SEO experts and software companies use unethical ways to promote a website. Using this technique we can get a website on the top of a search engine with very little work in very less time, but it will be for very short time. After some time crawler takes an action and banes the website permanently. Be careful and don’t give them to take control your SEO needs.

White Hat SEO

It is the genuine way to promote a website. Basically it is to follow techniques according to Goggle’s guideline. Although it takes time but after this the result will be stable and will increase day by day.

Ingredients of SEO

Different things play their role collectively and empower a website. Here you can also distribute the SEO in its second division

  • In Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

In Page SEO:

In this section we improve inertial material like contents, keywords, title, description etc.

Off Page SEO:

In this section we make back links through different sources like social book marking, blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission etc.

Some one or company may tell you that they can take your web site to appear in the no 1 page of Google search listing for a suitable key word for your web site. Remember, This is not possible and no one cannot guarantee this. They are lying to you.

Secondly some one or company would get you first page listing by Google Ad words for paid search, which isn’t Search Engine Optimization at all. Genuine SEO techniques have no room for paid Ad words. Also no one can guarantee your site will be in Google’s first page listings.

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