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.lk Domain Registration

Your Domain Name is Your Image to the World. Ger Your Sri Lankan Identity…

lkdomainSri Lanka domain registry which helps create the unique Sri Lankan identity on the web by registering Internet domain names in Sri Lankan country coded top level Internet domain (ccTLD) .lk.

LK Domain Registry was established in 1990 and was housed at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.  Since then, it has served the country not only by providing a professional domain registration service but also by facilitating development of Internet infrastructure with the objective of improving Internet usage of Sri Lankans.

The LK Domain Naming Structure

The types of Domains registered by the LK Domain Registry are:

  • Top Level Domains
  • Closed Second Level Domains
  • Open Second Level Domains

Top Level Domains

The LK domain, in common with many other countries, places most organizations at the 2nd level, immediately to the left of the .lk, irrespective of the type of organization.


All registrations under the top-level domain ensure that the domain name is blocked in all the open second levels provided the second level domain is available.  If they wish to use the open second level domain names in addition to the top level domain, it can be done by configuring DNS entries for the open second level domain, but DNS for both top level and second level should be hosted on the same machine.

Closed Second Level Domains.

Certain second level domains are restricted for use by certain kind of users only. The following domains are restricted by the LK Domain Registry.,, and has been allocated to the Government of Sri Lanka. Only Government organizations and Departments are allowed to register under this category. Currently all domains are managed under the purview of Domain Convention Policy of ICTA. Please refer Policy of for further clarification.


Just for your reference following domain represent categories listed

  • Ministries & Departments –
  • Provinces –,,,,,,,,
  • District Secretariat –
  • Divisional Secretariat –
  • Municipal Councils –
  • Urban Councils –
  • Pradeshiya Sabha –
  • SL Missions Abroad –
  • – for registered schools in Sri Lanka.

Open Second Level Domains

The following open second level domains are available for registration under the .lk domain.

  • – suggested for commercial organizations
  • – suggested for non-profit organizations
  • – suggested for educational organizations

Registrations and Reservations

Registering a name in the LK domain consists of two steps:

  1. Name Reservation
  2. Name Registration

Why Reservations?

Any organization within Sri Lanka / outside Sri Lanka can reserve names in the LK domain until they setup their Website/ Mailing Facilities in-house / through an Internet Service Provider.

If you wish to promote your business identity among Sri Lankans, then it would be better to register domain name with .lk domain registry. If you want to market around the world better to have a .com name.